Automatic Grid Casting Machine

The machine is fully automatic and can produce up to 10 trimmed grid panels per minute depending upon the lead alloy and the grid design. This equipment is ideal for high volume production battery and battery plate manufactures. The construction of machine is rugged and built for low maintenance. The grid mould opening – cum closing cum grid ejection and ladle tilting is pneumatically operated. Grid alinging chute, grid-trimming device, grid stacking mechanism are all operated by mechanical cams. Heating is by electrical resistance heaters (Also given provision for additional heating by lpg at the gate of the ladle). The operations are simple and easy.

  • The machine is Fully Automatic and Suitable for any Alloy.
  • Built in trim scrap conveyor
  • Trimmed Grids are stacked for easy removal
  • Digital Temperature Controllers for better Monitoring & Control
  • Casting Thickness 1.4 to 4 mm
  • Maximum Casting size including lugs – 350 x 150 mm
  • Power : 415V, 33KW (Electrically Heated Furnace) / 15KW (Diesel or LPG heated Furnace)
  • Capacity : 8 to 14 Grid Pannels Per Minute
  • Furnace : 800 Kg