Semi Automatic Grid Casting Machine

This machine is best suited for small scale & medium scale battery plate & battery manufacturers or for longer Industrial negative grid where the grid mould are heavy & manual casting are not possible. It is a simple equipment which consists of a main frame on which the grid mould mounting block with grid mould opening / closing & grid ejection mechanism is mounted. Various grid type moulds could be mounted on this. Grid mould opening & closing is continuous & the timing could be set. When the mould opens, the grid is ejected automatically. Trimming is not necessary since dropping legs are not provided & the gate portion is made for manual cutting.

Lead pouring could be manual or by a pneumatic operated laddle. Lead is generally poured either directly into the mould or into the laddle from the furnace. Grid moulds are provided with water cooling lines & cartridge heater brackets. Temperature of grid mould is controlled by Automatic Digital Controller.

  • The machine is semi-automatic in nature. Only trimming is manual operation.
  • Suitable for Antimonial & Selenium Alloys for any type of Grids.
  • Most suitable to cast Twin Tubular Spine Grids of size 165mm spine length x 145mm width
  • Digital Temperature Controllers for better Monitoring & Control
  • Power : 415V, 31KW (Electrically Heated Furnace) / 12KW (Diesel or LPG heated Furnace)
  • Capacity : 6 to 10 Grid Pannels Per Minute
  • Furnace : 800 Kg