Pasting Machine

This one side pasting machine is suitable for battery manufacturers looking for an economical substitute to tedious manual pasting. Consistent weight and thickness can be maintained from plate to plate and with less wastage of oxide. The machine can be used to paste different thickness of plates. The plate thickness is maintained by a rubber stripper. Independent drive is provided for the hopper and the pasting belt. This aids in running the belt while cleaning without operating the hopper. Hopper can be lifted pneumatically in case of a plate jams and for easy cleaning. The equipment is a semi-automatic one and requires manual feeding and collecting of grid panels. (Auto-Feeding could be supplied on demand). The structural construction is rugged and is built to last.

  • Suitable for Automotive & Industrial Negative Grids
  • Belt Pasting with good finish
  • Auto Feeder for Automotive Girds
  • Manual feeding for plates with hanging legs feature available
  • Pasting Speed : 20 to 80 Grid Panels Per Minute
  • Power : 415V, 14KW
  • Pasting Thickness : 1.4 mm to 4.0 mm